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me a more comprehensive view," Hu says. "I also▓ hope to find some future partners."Please scan the QR Code to foll

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rket operations of reverse repos.This was th▓e eighth consecutive business day that the People▓'s Bank of China (PBOC) has halted the open market operations of reverse repos, a process where it purchases securities from banks with an agreement to sell th

em back in the future.The PBOC sa▓id in a statement that liquidity in the banking system was "at a relatively high level."The government ▓sped up fiscal spending near the end of last month. Fiscal expenditures mean fiscal deposits flow into c▓ommercia

l banks from the central bank, thus, improving market liquidity.In the interbank market, the overnight Shanghai Interbank Offer▓ed Rate, which measures the cost that Chinese b▓anks lend to one another, dipped 1.02 basi▓s points to 2.4868 percent on Wednes

day, with the rate for one-week loans falling 3.80 basis points to 2.7400 percent.China has ▓pledged to pursue a prudent and neutral monetary policy in 2017, with the M2, a broad measure of the money supply, to grow by a▓round 12 percent, one perce

ntage point lower than ▓the 2016 target.Please scan the QR Code to f▓ollow us on InstagramPlease scan the▓ QR Code to follow us on WechatChina eyes huge opportunities for green market: expertsChina eyes▓ huge opportunities for green market: expertsChina

eyes huge opportunities for gr▓een market: experts03-31-2017 19:04 BJTBEI▓JING, March 31 (Xinhuanet) --China is the largest and the fastest growing market for green technologies due to its heavy investments in renewable energies.This viewpoint is sha

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